Hi, I'm Mori

I write about milestones and events that have had an impact on my life and increased my self-awareness and self-development after bouncing back from mental health challenges.

I’m still struggling with getting back into normal daily routines, but I’m making progress and life is generally looking good again.

This website was born because I love writing and web design, and I’d love if I could use my learnings to help others. 😊❤️

Learn some additional bits and pieces about me here.

Have an awesome day!

My blog

I capture little wins, relaxation ideas, general musings and bits of happiness in my writing that I hope you will find a pleasant, interesting and helpful read!

I started blogging beginning of October 2019 so it’s still pretty new! Don’t hesitate to subscribe to my blog if you like my writing. Thank you!

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I wrote down some resources for website and blog building here that I think might help if you’re also thinking about starting a blog!

To read about what resources were essential towards my recovery, and to hear how that journey started, see here.

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