Hi, I'm Mori.

In my writings here I want to capture events and insights that I’ve noticed have had impact on my life in some meaningful way, or have increased my self awareness and development after past mental illness struggles.

Even though I’m still struggling with getting back to my normal daily routines, life is generally looking good again, I have a lot of useful learnings, and I feel like there’s an exciting future ahead. I want to share some of that with you all in my blog! 😊

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Bits and pieces about me

I live and work in a big buzzing city, in a flat with my two darling cats! 🐈🐈 I generally love living here, but sometimes wish I had a house in the quiet countryside. I crave for peace and quiet very often, despite also often feeling lonely in my flat. What a contradiction.

I had issues with anxiety, depression, and various other PTSD-related struggles in the past. Nowadays I don’t feel it as often or as forcefully as I used to (*touch wood*), however, sometimes anxiety does rear its ugly head. I am no longer on medication and do not require regular therapy at this time.

Self-awareness is key! I want to develop it as much as I possibly can (well, without obsession). I’m scared of losing control again, so I try hard to avoid getting into stressful situations. I also try not to trigger myself in terms of anxiety or PTSD (flashbacks etc). That is more difficult to control though and sometimes I get an unpleasant surprise. You can read about one of my anxiety incidents here to get an idea of what still happens occasionally, even though I’ve beaten the full-on monster.

I love writing, and I’m extremely happyΒ that I finally managed to create this blog. I posted my first blog post on October 2nd, 2019. 😊 It’s about one of my methods for relaxing, and how it can also turn against me if I’m not vigilant! You can read itΒ here.Β 

Some other things I love include a nice cup of hot, black coffee β˜• any time of the day, taking photos with my smartphone, emojis (you’ll notice me using them across my website) spending time with my SO, playing relaxing mobile games, watching Sci-Fi on TV (well, Netflix and Amazon Prime).

Oh, and: summer over any other season! β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

My black cat
This is one of my cats
My savannah cat
Another one of my cats!
One of my favourite coffee cups
My favourite coffee cup
Summer and sunshine πŸ’›

Social Media

Since creating my blog, I have also joined Twitter to connect with fellow bloggers and writers. Find me on Twitter @GannaMori!

I used to have an Instagram account. It was fun at first but ended up causing me so much anxiety after a while that I deleted the account. I have since created a new one, and hope that I can take it easy, and use it with some learnings I got from my past experience. Find me on Instagram here.

I hope you will come and say hi and we can connect! πŸ˜„ πŸ‘‹