Catventures volume 1

Catventures! King Arthur and Sir Drake, volume 1

by Mori

You’ve probably watched funny cat videos on YouTube and seen numerous cute cats on Instagram and Pinterest. Are there many cats in blogs too, do you know? If you do, I’d love to hear about some of them so I can follow their antics, so please do let me know! In this post, I’m going to give you a glimpse into what my cats get up to, and I hope you enjoy the read! This is “volume 1”, so… more to come later. 😸 

You probably know already that I’m a proud (sometimes frustrated, often surprised, always amused) cat mum! I have two cats who came to live with me approximately 6 years ago and have been my family ever since. They are funny cats and just a pair of weirdoes, but I love them so much. One of my first blog posts, here, shares more about why they are so important to me if you’d like some background info on that. 🙂

One of them is a relaxed and pretty chill, kind but secretly mischievous black shorthair rescue boy called Sir Nathan Drake – Drake for short. The other one is an energetic, overly-curious Savannah cat called King Arthur – Arthur for short (or as he is sometimes also known as according to my boyfriend, the Sh**bag, as he often is up to no good). 😂 If you follow me on Instagram, you can find photos of my cats almost every day!

Funny cats - Arthur saluting
Arthur salutes
Box boys
Catventures - Weirdo Drake
Drake being weird

My cats are lovely, but I feel like they’re always up to something, always plotting away for some silly cat antics that only they understand the reason for and I’m left scratching my head. I’m going to capture some of these antics here on my blog and I hope they will amuse you as much as they amused me!

Well, enraged, sometimes, but afterwards, it’s always funny when looking back. They are cats, after all, and you can’t stay mad for long. They do what they do because they are cats, and we love them for who they are just like they love us for who we are. 😻

I’ll tell you about two of our recent catventures below!

The aqua-cat

I came home from work on a Monday evening, and as usual, the cats greeted me enthusiastically at the door. I was hanging my coat when I realised there was a sound that’s usually not present when I come home… running water!! I rushed upstairs in a panic, images of the bathroom floor flooding in my mind. One of the water taps in the bathtub was on, turned to the max. I live alone by the way, apart from the cats. 👀

Luckily it had just been flowing directly down the drain, there was no flooding, and it was not the hot water tap (cats could have burned themselves). I turned it off, turned around, and both cats were there, looking at me as if they had no idea what had happened. Yeah, right!

The same thing happened again the next day when I came home in the evening. Again, the water was running and it was the same tap. I wonder how much water had been wasted, how many hours was it running both those days and did my downstairs neighbours wonder at all why they could hear running water for so long from my flat!?

I didn’t know which one of my cats had turned the water tap on, but I figured it out later that evening. I was doing my dishes, and Arthur was observing from afar like he always does, sitting on the kitchen counter. He is always fascinated by the activity but doesn’t come too close because he hates when even one drop of water lands on him. He will shake his head, sometimes with a little sneeze, and scatter.

Funny cats - Arthur on the table
Arthur lying on my desk
Funny cats - Drake on the table
Drake, also on my desk
Catventures - Arthur in his box
Arthur in his favourite box

This time, however, he stayed in the distance for a little while, but then walked right next to the sink, sniffed at some plates while I was washing them, water flowing – he then STEPPED INTO the sink where I was doing the dishes! He got splashed all over and just continued sniffing around, poking stuff with his paw, exploring the sink and ignoring the water. 

That’s when I knew Arthur was the culprit! He must have played with the water during the day, splashing around in the bathtub, since he was so uncharacteristically used to it now. A bathtub catventure!

While writing this I got a mental image of sitting in a bubble bath, scrubbing myself with a sponge, surrounded by bubbles. The camera pans out… and there is Arthur, sitting there at the opposite end of the tub, a little shower cap perched on his head and, like me, scrubbing himself with a tiny cat sponge. 🧽

Catventures - Drake looking up
Drake wants food
Funny cats - Arthur biting
That's my thumb
An argument over the top seat

Potato mystery

I feel like all my cat stories start with “I came home one day…”, but it’s accurate though! All the weird stuff seems to happen while I’m at work, and I come home to the aftermath. Either that or the mischief takes place during the night when I’m asleep.

I bought a bag of potatoes once and put it in the kitchen cupboard. The next day I went to work, and when I came back home, I couldn’t find the potatoes anywhere. I mean, it was a bag of 12 potatoes, and it had just vanished into thin air! I started to think maybe I had actually imagined I had it in the first place and just made my dinner without potatoes, feeling a bit disappointed I had forgotten to pick some up at the store.

Fast-forward about a week. One morning when I was leaving for work and putting on my boots downstairs, I felt something in one of them. I stuck my hand in the boot and pulled out a potato!! 😒 If you have cats too, you probably know the feeling when you’re totally not amused, but totally amused at the same time. It was bizarre as I didn’t make the connection between the missing potatoes and the shoe potato at first.

I knew immediately who the culprit was – Arthur. He has a nightly habit of carrying his toys in his mouth and has deposited toy mice in my shoes before. This time I had been expecting the lump in the shoe to be a mouse, so it was a big surprise when a potato came out.

I searched all his usual spots, places where he keeps his toys, his basket and his boxes. Nothing. I couldn’t find a single potato anywhere apart from the one in my boot. I then had to go to work (the reason for being late: potato in a shoe) and forgot about the potato for a while.

Fast-forward at least a couple of weeks again and it’s time to clean my flat. This means hoovering under the sofa in the living room. You probably know where this is going. I moved the sofa, and I found 11, almost rotten potatoes under there, surrounded by what looked like six thousand toy mice and three hundred paper balls. I had found Arthur’s stash. The potatoes were super gross, with sprouts growing everywhere. I reached to pick one up, and it was like liquid inside a skin. Thank you, Arthur! 🤢 

The positive side to this was that I found out  I had not forgotten to buy those potatoes, after all, and the floor under the sofa got thoroughly cleaned! 😹

I’d love to hear if you have cats too! Are they often up to no good? 😸 Let me know if you follow any cat blogs (or have one yourself), I’d love to take a look!

Thanks for reading. :) Leave a reply?


Cassie Harris November 9, 2019 - 5:12 pm

Love your kitties! Following in WP!

Mori November 9, 2019 - 5:16 pm

Aww thank you! I’ll keep writing down when they do something silly again for another post in the future. 😄 Have a lovely Caturday!

Fiona November 9, 2019 - 9:13 pm

Haha. I once lived with a bengal cat and he was always up to mischief! They are so funny. I love cats.

Mori November 10, 2019 - 6:26 pm

😸 Cats can be super funny. I feel like mine are always up to no good!


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