Welcome to my blog! I capture milestones and events in my writing that have had an impact on my life and increased my self-awareness and self-development after bouncing back from mental health challenges. I use the learnings and insights to try help others to see that there are positive things out there, and that you’re not alone.

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“Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it.”

– Buddha

Perfect moments to make myself a priority

7 perfect moments to make myself a priority

Today is Sunday, end of the week and a time to relax before the every-day hurdles of life start again tomorrow. It’s a day when time kind of stands still for me for a while. Below, I describe some of the simple things I find pleasurable and relaxing, that I..

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Catventures volume 1

Catventures! King Arthur and Sir Drake, volume 1

You’ve probably watched funny cat videos on YouTube and seen numerous cute cats on Instagram and Pinterest. Are there many cats in blogs too, do you know? If you do, I’d love to hear about some of them so I can follow their antics, so please do let me know!..

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Ban fireworks? They belong in the past

Fireworks belong in the past

Yesterday was 5th of November, and here in the UK that means Guy Fawke’s Night, also called Firework Night, due to the strong and long-standing tradition of setting off loads of fireworks to commemorate the fact that Guy Fawkes all those years ago did not end up blowing up the..

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November goals 2019: NaNoWriMo, early mornings and drinking

I say this every time, but… I can’t believe it’s November already! 😮 In my last post, I summarised how I did with my October goals and listed some positive things that had happened over the past month. You can find the full post here, but I’ll summarise the goals for context...

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Positive and happy bits from October

Looking back: goals and happy bits from October 2019

It’s only a couple of days until October ends and November begins, and again I am thinking where did the month go!? I suppose it’s a good thing that time seems to go by quickly nowadays, as they do say that time flies when you’re having fun. I think that’s..

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My two mindfulness colouring books

Mindfulness and tools to relax: adult colouring books

Happy Sunday! Or, happy whichever day you happen to read this. 😊 Wouldn’t it be lovely if it was always Sunday? I’m sure you’ve heard of mindfulness before, at least the term being discussed in various mental health-related contexts. As someone with depression history, I am familiar with some mindfulness..

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What is happiness? 14 positive experiences

If you’re like me, you’ve been in a place in your life where you’re in pursuit of happiness. Well, what is happiness to you? Is it some large entity you’re chasing, a whole state of being you want to reach, or does it consist of smaller particles scattered over time..

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Little big win over water, showering and bath

Water anxiety: two surprising and positive occurrences

October has been such an interesting month this year on many levels, including an increase in positive insights about myself and especially related to progress towards beating water anxiety. At the time of writing this, the month is not even over yet! What else is it going to bring my..

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Black cat

This is why my cats are so important to me

My first cat, many years ago When I was growing up, I had a cat. I also had problematic parents. But that cat, that darling, black-with-white-socks, quirky, curtain-climbing cat, was the only one in my family that I felt completely safe with. She did not shout at me, although there..

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